European Camera Trade Shows

The massive, most successful camera fairs for amateurs, professionals and collectors in Germany

coming shows:  October 2016 - January 2017



Oct.  1st `16      HAMBURG   /  106th  International Camera Show

(Saturday)          Buergerhaus Wilhelmsburg /  Mengestr. 20



Oct.  2nd `16     BERLIN  /  80th  international camera show

(Sunday)            Logenhaus-Wilmersdorf  /  Emser Str. 12-13




Nov. 26th `16     ESSEN  /  30th international camera show

(Saturday)           Zeche Carl  /  Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100




Dec.  3rd `16      LEIPZIG  /  49th regional camera show

(Saturday)           Kulturhaus Sonne, Schkeuditz, Schulstr. 10


Dec.  4th `16      BERLIN  /  81th international camera show

(Sunday)            Logenhaus-Wilmersdorf  /  Emser Str. 12-13


Dec. 10th `16     KOELN  / 12th International Camera Show

(Saturday)          Buergerzentrum Engelshof / Oberstr. 96




Jan. 28th `17      DORTMUND  /  62th International Camera Show

(Saturday)           Stadtwerke DSW 21 / Von-den-Berkenstrasse


Jan. 29th `17      FRANKFURT /  34th International Camera Show

(Sunday)             Gewerkschaftshaus / W.-Leuschner-Str. 69-77


open to the public:            10 AM - 5 PM 

admission for visitors:       5

                                          free entry for children / teenager

exhibitors setup:                8 AM - 10 AM


table prices for exhibitors  (cash on show day)

price 30   smal table  ( size  < 90 cm x 80 cm )

price 35   medium table  ( size  > 120 cm x 65 cm )

price 50   large table  ( size > 180 cm x 80 cm )


free PDF download:  

exhibitors reservation  form 

Fiche de Reservation

Iscrizione per gli Espositori


               General Information 

The camera-shows in Berlin / Dortmund / Essen / Frankfurt Main / Hamburg, Koeln and Munich are massive international events with exhibitors and visitors from Germany, Europe and Overseas.

view table plan Berlin                145 exhibitor stands

Berlin show best selling camera-trade-show for collectible cameras, rare, fine photographica and cinematography items in Europe.

view table plan Dortmund         108 exhibitor stands

view table plan Essen                 104 exhibitor stands

view table plan Frankfurt           121 exhibitor stands

view table plan Hamburg           218 exhibitor stands

view table plan Koeln                162 exhibitor stands

view table plan Leipzig                72 exhibitor stands

Hamburg show is the biggest camera-trade-show in Germany and North Europe with visitors and exhibitors from EU and Overseas.

The massive camera shows Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt and Koeln are best selling shows in the German Rhein Main and Rhein Ruhr Area.

Exhibitors information. How to participate ?

Print out your exhibitors table reservation form on the link: 

(free PDF download) 

exhibitors reservation form 

Fiche de Reservation

Iscrizione per gli Espositori

The organizer will send a confirmation by airmail letter to your return adress. The confirmation is the receive for the payment, shows exhibitors stand number and is the official legitimation during exhibitors setup time.

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